MonsterKIDS is a new documentary that  will explore why we are so fascinated with those creatures of the night, and why in my opinion they were and continue to be a good companion for young and old.

There is a definite somewhat negative opinion towards those who like to watch scary movies, read the works of Stephen King, and enjoy the art of Bernie Wrightson. But in my opinion, these are generators... Generators of not only fear, but imagination. At their core, these are morality tales, or tales of misunderstanding, good triumphing over evil and most importantly imagination. My goal for the documentary is to show these folks in a positive light for what they are... kids who can hold onto their imaginations.

Through interviews with Actors, make-up effects artists, sculptors, musicians, toy-makers, directors, writers and designers I will showcase the importance of Aurora model kits, Famous Monsters magazine, and the glorious celebration of trick or treat .

The focus of the documentary will also feature the original MonsterKid - Bob Burns who has held court for many generations of up and coming fans of fiendish things.


I have been working feverishly with my small team (thanks Dave, Joe and Chad) visiting conventions including both Monsterpalooza and Monsterbash, while also interviewing some of Hollywood’s most prolific monster makers and storytellers. If you haven’t gone to either one of these amazing celebrations... go. It is like going to a relatives you never knew you had, but who grew up with all the same friends.

So far I have been fortunate to interview the following folks...

Bob Burns

Kathy Burns

Mick Garris

Joe Dante

Tom Savini

Dan Roebuck

Kyra Schon

Butch Patrick

Ricou Browning

Tom Holland

John Gulager

The Chiodo Brothers

Mat Falls

Shannon Shea

Tom Woodruff

Alec Gillis

Carla Laemmle

Greg Nicotero

Howard Berger

Max Landis

Camden Toy

Eileen Dietz

Julie Adams

Sara Karloff

Ron Chaney

Jaclyn Chaney

Daniel Horne

Richard Olson

and many more...

I have a few more interviews that I am trying to schedule and then post production. The official website for the project will launch soon as well, complete with a forum where MonsterKids of all ages can leave their favorite monstrous memories.

If you are interested in being part of the documentary of just a monsterkid yourself looking for some great conversation... please drop me a line.

Here are some highlights so far...


Ron Chamberlain transforms Ron Chaney into The Wolf Man.

Linwood Sasser gives Uncle Bob a quick touch up.

Ron Chaney as The Wolf Man and Joe Demuro as the Frankenstein Monster recreate a pose from Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man.

Being attacked by the Brain Creature from Fiend Without A Face at Bob and Kathy’s House.

Daniel Horne interviewed about his love of Monsters.

Julia Adams reminisces about her time in the Black Lagoon.

All Photos are Copyright - J. Michael Roddy