Project:  Meet The Makers

Exhibit at Universal Orlando celebrating the history of Universal Pictures horror and sci-fi films and the men and women who created some of the most fantastical and frightening characters and make-ups ever committed to film. I was responsible for the creative direction of the project including design, coordinating with filmmakers and overseeing all media production.

Here are some of the projects that I have worked on.

Project: How The Grinch Stole Christmas

A new musical re-telling of the classic Dr. Seuss tale for

Universal Orlando Resorts. Music by Chip Davis and

Mannheim Steamroller. I was the Creative Director for the

show, responsible for writing, casting, and  directing the show

as well as guiding all disciplines from musical direction,

costuming, and set design. The show has since become an

annual fixture for the Universal Resorts in both Orlando and California.

Project; 3 Hands

A short film that I wrote and directed with Chad Raucci.

To Be Continued...

Project: Halloween Horror Nights 2009

For 2009’s Halloween event at Universal Orlando, the challenge was to translate the most terrifying films into interactive environments and shows. I was responsible for the creative direction of the event including leading the creative, design and production teams while bringing intellectual properties to life such as the SAW films. I was also the creative liaison for marketing and publicity helping create promotional characters and opportunities.

Project: Beetlejuice’s Graveyard Revue

The popular musical show at Universal Orlando was in need of a new overlay. I wrote and directed the show as well as overseeing the musical selection and design. The show was awarded the Big “E” award for best show at IIAPA in 2006.

Project: Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure

From 1998 - 2002 I was the writer and Director for Bill & Ted’s Excellent Halloween Adventure. The show generated superior ratings. In 2006 - 2009 I was the Creative Director of the event working with the creative team to continue and help cultivate the annual hit show.

Special Thanks to Bryan Frank, Cassidy Alexander and many others who have shared photographs.

Lady YoYo, the eccentric and jealous hot mess who hated being in her sister’s shadow.

Cheetah Shrubs , the pro-golfer who turns women psychotic. Did he kill his wife because she caught him in a love sandtrap when she found out about all the courses he had played?

Justin, the ambiguous pop star who had a real love for his supposed Aunt? Did he kill her to hide his shame?

Smiley, the daughter who hid behind a squeaky clean manufactured image but was in reality a self-serving party girl?

Dr. Brett Feeliffy, the plastic surgeon and former rocker who has fallen for Smiley. Did he kill my client so he could spend his days reliving past glories with a new groupie?

The Cast of Characters included...

As well as the hottest group of ghouls this Halloween.

The Production Crew

Musical Director - Bill Norman      Choreographer - Lamar Smith

Asst. Choreographer - Susannah LeMarquand     Lighting Design - Michael Okamoto

Costume Design - Loren Bracewell

Project: Mannheim Steamroller - The Music of Christmasville Live!
As part of the release for Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmasville CD, I was fortunate to work with creator Chip Davis and American Gramaphone to create a one of a kind concert experience for Universal Orlando. Selecting a greatest hits of Mannheim Christmas including a concert version of the Grinchmas music, the show was a phenomenal success and has since become a tradition at the popular theme park. I even contributed to the lyrics of the song “The Fruitcake Song” for the recording. A great project and memory.

A talented cast.

With Chip Davis, the genius behind Mannheim Steamroller.

Project: Disney Event Group

As a freelance Creative Director for the Disney Event Group, I have had the wonderful opportunity to create events for businesses and families using the tools that only Disney can provide.

These projects have included Pixar, A Nightmare Before Christmas, Affluent clients, Star Wars and many more.

Project: Completely Hollywood (abridged)

As a Director for the Winter Park Playhouse,  I recently completed work on Completely Hollywood (abridged). The show features three talented actors racing through the history of Hollywood at a hilarious pace, while poking fun at the 12 Hollywood lessons every successful blockbuster must follow. 

Project: Blood Relations

I was contracted to write and direct a new show for Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream in Tampa. Howl-O-Scream is one of the nation’s premiere Halloween events. The show centered around the reading of the last will and testament of Lady Elizabeth Blood, who we find was murdered. The attending Family members, all thinly veiled pop culture stereotypes, each took turns defending themselves through parody songs and dance.  The ending was decided by the audience, with the chosen getting more than they bargained for.  Five multiple endings were designed to ensure opportunities for multiple viewings.