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Creative Treatment:

The Hollywood theatre was once an immaculate movie place filled with wonderful memories. Then tragedy struck. The history of what exactly happened is now part fact, part urban legend.

The prominent theory is that the long-abandoned theatre is haunted, replaying the most terrifying images from Hollywood’s most diabolical and frightening film shockers. For any brave enough to enter the structure it has a new moniker - Horrorwood. The legend warns that waiting, in the darkness within the decaying walls, some of the most terrifying scenes ever conceived for the silver screen come to life.

Those brave enough to enter will find their senses completely immersed through the latest multi-media technology, advanced animatronics and interactive special effects. Delve into a disturbingly creepy atmosphere, created by ominous sounds, dark mood lighting, unnerving sights, and mysterious touches that set the tone for a sinister, spooky scene around every corner.  Participants will experience thrills and chills as they witness both the familiar imagery of their favorite scary films, combined with the sudden shock of the unexpected – all culminating in an incredible twist ending that will leave them baffled and amazed in a terrifying kind of wonderment.

Voiceless from screaming and giddy with the excitement of fear, those who make it through with their eyes open will never forget the Horrorwood cinema...  not even in their nightmares!   

I just recently wrapped up work on a new attraction in Taiwan. Since March, I have been working  once again with Mirage Entertainment,  combining my experience in haunted attractions with some amazing designers  to create a new premiere experience for Janfusun Fancyworld.

The new attraction is called Horrorwood.

Horrowood transports guests into a dark, abandoned movie theatre that has a chilling history. As you move through the 12 experiences,  you come face to face with some of the most macabre characters, themes and scenarios inspired by tinseltown’s most fearsome films.

Using a variety of effects, lighting, audio, live action and media created specifically for the project, Horrorwood represents the next evolution of haunted attractions.

Guests enter the experience and are introduced to popular Taiwan stars Aken and Nado. The two would be ghost hunters warn us about the dangers that await us inside.

We enter the darkness of a creepy screening theatre.  This “Screaming Room” employs a one of kind custom show controller built by U.S. company Evarus.  

The Evarus Show Controller (EVS) is a completely computerized show controller

that handles the Video, Audio, Lighting, and special effects of the room.

 Janfusun is the first park in Asia to use this new 100% custom built system.  One of the unique characteristics of this system is that it is the first system to use Facial Recognition to track guests throughout the show to give them a custom experience like no other in the world.

Horrorwood Theater not only uses full HD quality video effects in the Screaming Room, but there are 8 one-of-a-kind video-based elements in the haunt.  Through the use of advance computer animation, guests will experience screams and frights that rival what they have only seen on the screen.

I was responsible for the creative development of the attraction, as well as scripting, overseeing design disciplines and direction of both live and filmed elements. I also designed graphics for the attraction.

Horrorwood Theater is a Mirage Entertainment production; in collaboration with:

  1. J.Michael Roddy -  Creative Director

Neal Anderson - Audio Content

Matt Scarpino - Set Design

Jerry Koch - Storyboards

Ben Penman - Lighting Designer

Sabour Amirazodi - Visual Effects, 

Evarus Productions - Show Control/Facial Recognition

Jeff Schiefelbein - Mechanical effects/props

For more information check out the official website:  HORRORWOOD



On August 2nd, I will be attending a screening of THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING at the popular Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.  I Produced the documentary with James Gelet, Jake Gove and Erik Hollander. This screening is part of the cinema’s themed Shark week celebration.

Here is a synopsis from the official website:

Narrated by the late, great Roy Scheider, this highly anticipated, difficult to see until now, feature-length documentary focuses squarely on the many ways JAWS has helped to shape pop culture. In addition, TSISW proudly showcases many of the fans, artists, and craftsmen who keep this film alive, examining some of the creative venues through which they express their passion for the film. It covers JAWS fandom and highlights JAWS homages and send-ups from pop culture. Interviews with the cast and crew including Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss, John Williams, and prominent filmmakers such as Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith and Bryan Singer whose careers have been duly influenced by the movie will give the viewer some insight as to why JAWS has earned a well-deserved place among the greatest classics Hollywood has ever produced. THE SHARK IS STILL WORKING is the ultimate retrospective on JAWS.

A Q & A session with me and Ain’t It Cool News’ “Quint” will take place following the screening.  I hope to see you there.

For tickets and more information:

I was fortunate to be part of the creative team on a project that I have been preparing for for most of my life. As a comic book fan, working with an intellectual property as big as the X-Men was a dream come true. I was hired by Mirage Shows and Productions to create the storyline of the world’s biggest Marvel based stunt show. Working closely with Producer David Draves, I was responsible for creative content,  scripting and assisted in stage direction and development of a brand new live show experience for Movie Park Germany. Combining the design talents of EDG (Entertainment Design Group) and Sigma Effects, the show is presented in a 2,500 seat theatre and is one of the main attractions for the movie themed park. 

From the press release:

X-Men Revenge, the largest X-men stunt show on the planet, opened at Movie Park Germany, on May 24th. A VIP showing was launched on May 19th, the attendance were numerous German media and press, the Mayor of Bottrop, the new owners of Movie Park Germany –Wouter Dekkers (General Manager of Movie Park Germany), Jose Diaz (Managing Director of Parques Reunidos), and special VIP guests Brad Billington (CEO of Mirage Entertainment), David Draves (President of Shows and Attractions of Mirage Entertainment and Executive Producer of X-Men Revenge), Robert S. O’Niell (Producer of X-Men Revenge), Karl Magee (Director of X-Men Revenge), Angelo Bonello (Co-Director of X-Men Revenge), and J. Michael Roddy ( Co-Director/Writer). The audience capacity of this show theatre is around 2,500.
Working closely with Mirage Shows and Productions, with approval from Marvel enterprises, I helped create a storyline that featured the most popular X-Men characters. Wolverine, Storm, Nightcrawler, Cyclops and Gambit all face the powerful Magneto in a battle featuring stunts, special effects and pyrotechnics. 

I also produced the media content for the show. Working closely with Cinematographer Chad Raucci, shooting on the amazing Canon 7d and using green screen we created a look that brought the comic books and graphic novels to life.

Check out the official website for the popular park.


From the Official Press Release:
Ready for a bloody good time? In the great hall of Blood Manor, the will of the recently deceased Lady Betty Blood is read for her surviving relatives. This sinister musical is packed with sadistic humor and a family of relatives with more than just skeletons in their closets. Performing nightly at the Desert Grill.

Check out the website for ticket information to this incredibly fun and frightening event.
I am currently in rehearsals for a new show at Busch Gardens Howl-O-Scream. The show is called Blood Relations. I wrote the script and I am also directing the show which is a musical comedy mystery.  The show opens September 24th and runs through October 31st on select nights.


I have just signed to direct the Central Florida Premiere of Completely Hollywood (abridged) 
at the Winter Park Playhouse.  The show takes an hilarious, abridged trip through Tinseltown, 186 great films, cut through the celluloid to condense the 186 greatest films in Hollywood’s over-100 year history into a complete compilation of classic cinematic cliches — plus a few brand new cliches they just made up.

The show opens July 15th and runs through August 6th. Tickets are available at the Winter Park Playhouse Box Office and by visiting the website. 

Matt Hororhoe, Mark Baratelli and Joshua Siniscalco star.

I hope to see you there.
Mark Baratelli
Matt Horohoe
Joshua Siniscalco

PROJECT: Busch Gardens Musical Moments/Flashmob Project Summer 2011

For Busch Gardens Tampa’s popular Summer Nights event, I was hired to write and direct a series of Flashmobs to bring Entertainment into areas of the park. Using popular music and a group of very talented performers, I created 3 Flashmob experiences that include live vocals, dancing and audience interaction.
You can watch one of the experiences 
at Orlando Attractions You Tube Channel.